We strive to incorporate green building principles into our operation and benchmark our performance against the good practices in the industry. SD50 was awarded the highest Excellence rating in both IEQ and MWA of BEAM Plus Selective Scheme 2021. Since then, we have continued to undertake a variety of enhancement initiatives in respect of energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, indoor air quality, etc.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) 

To safeguard tenants’ health and safety, we regularly evaluate the IAQ of the property against essential parameters and have achieved Good Class IAQ for the building since 2021.

Energy Saving

Recognizing the fact that energy use represents one of the major sources of carbon emission, we have installed a new central air-conditioning system with BMS in 2021 and have replaced the current lightings with LED lights.

Waste Management

Apart from our ongoing effort on collection of paper, plastic, aluminium cans, fluorescent lamp, WEEE and glass bottles, etc. for recycling. In addition, we have increased our procurement of  environmentally friendly consumable products including toilet tissues and umbrella plastic bags.